Monday, April 23, 2012

Lightning Cracks the Sky

One thin line of white
An incredible power, the magnitude of which
could power a city
for a few minutes
depending on the city
or completely destroy a car
depending on the car

Nevermind the total blackness.
"Lightning," as the name implies
brings its own light to the party
Shining, as it does, through the grey clouds.
The same clouds take their color from the same grey that they always are,
But of perhaps some drifting arcane sort in the briefest of flashes
from which many metaphors have sprung, but which
no matter the source, rhyme, or meter
do it no justice at all.

And some look up and say OH WAAAW
and some OH MY GAWD
and others use, in vain, the name of the one whose plaything it is
and shout JAYSUS

For even inebriated as they are, the denizens of the street
cannot think of any other words to describe the majesty that rends the sky
That treads upon the borders of containable energy
(or is 2 months powering a lightbulb too much?
Or is 500 megajoules a number that makes the mind number?)
Discharges of electricity that can crack the sky, or shatter mighty trees
fill the clouds with light in the dark, and fill the onlookers with awe

And the thunder rumbles
And the thunder rumbles
And the thunder echoes
Until the whole sky is full of it
Until the whole sky is full of sound and fury

Worthy is the Lamb that was slain, to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honor, and glory, and blessing.

For if a lightning bolt, third level, sorc/wiz only, caster level infinite
can spread across the sky unchecked
And if the thunder rolleth, 'cross a sky unimpeded by the strongest works of man
Then who are we
such as we are
Are we?
To deny the power and the glory and the wisdom and all those nouns
To the one who laughs as I do
As the lightning cracks the sky?

UPDATE: What? There's a video version now? Epic! Or not.

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