Monday, June 4, 2012

Episode Synopses in Five Words

So I was warming up my brain to do some writing today, and also having a discussion with a friend on why he should watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I've been watching the show for almost a year now, and have been spreading the love when I find people who like goofy animated things.

He's being recalcitrant, and I wanted to give him an overview of the series. So, author that I am, I made up an exercise to get me thinking, and here are the results: each episode of MLP:FIM boiled down to a five word synopsis.


Season One:

1-01: Bookworms have difficulty making friends.
1-02: Friends help destroy evil deities.
1-03: Pushy friends make life suck.
1-04: Overwork kills sanity and productivity.
1-05: Bullying griffon might be homosexual.
1-06: Twilight Sparkle conquers Celestial Bears. (Alternate: The Great and Powerful Trixie!)
1-07: Kick dragons in the face!
1-08: A Sleepover of Disastrous Consequences.
1-09: Cursed flowers and Zebra alchemy. (Alternate: Always speaking rhymes is difficult)
1-10: Flying Tribbles devour the town.
1-11: OCD and magical weather control.
1-12: No, you're not special, kid. (Alternate: I don't envy their teacher.)
1-13: Why I dislike jocks, demonstrated.
1-14: Episode three, only with dresses. (Alternate: We don't normally wear clothes.)
1-15: Precognition fails to predict Hydras. (Alternate: Freaky psychic incinerates Twilight Sparkle)
1-16: Bravado crumbles beneath self-doubt. (Alternate: Rainbooms are not physically possible.)
1-17: Weak exteriors conceal lethal strength.
1-18: Oblivious children miss the point.
1-19: Slaving canines defeated by whining. (Alternate: Rarity is a manipulative bint.)
1-20: Everything that's wrong with fashion.
1-21: My Little Racism: Wild West (Alternate: Racism? In My Little Pony?)
1-22: A phoenix trolls almost everyone. (Alternate: The Princess trolls people also)
1-23: Everybody's backstories, all at once.
1-24: An owl trolls Twilight's dragon.
1-25: Pinkie's brain breaks. Creepiness ensues.
1-26: Everything goes horribly wrong simultaneously.

Season Two:

2-01: Star Trek's "Q" invades Equestria. (Alternate: Star Trek plus ponies? Winner!)
2-02: Mindrape solves all friendship problems.
2-03: OCD almost causes children harm.
2-04: Halloween isn't fun for monsters.
2-05: Lying to children solves problems.
2-06: Eating weird plants solves problems. (Alternate: Children immune to Darwin's Law...)
2-07: Bravado, musicals, and epic tortoises.
2-08: Mostly Batman as a pony.
2-09: Apparently High Society engenders snobbishness. (Alternate: Rarity finally gets character development)
2-10: Draconic King Kong parody, ponified.
2-11: Electric apples teach elder respect.
2-12: Silent Hill while babysitting toddlers.
2-13: Boring world-building backstory episode.
2-14: Lying might get you murdered. (Alternate: Disappointing friends is really rough.)
2-15: Con men and hard cider.
2-16: Indiana Jones meets Solid Snake.
2-17: Drinking poison on Valentine's day.
2-18: Pinkie has freakish paranormal powers. (Alternate: Taunting bald people? You jerk.)
2-19: Minotaur self-help guru fails.
2-20: Time travel always engenders paradox.
2-21: Are all adolescent dragons intolerable?
2-22: Weather control via feathered equines.
2-23: Pony Journalism, including J. Jameson.
2-24: Three simultaneous parodies, plus Sherlock. (Alternate: Ponies with no self-control.)
2-25: And suddenly, a big brother.
2-26: Disney got nothing on ponies.

...whoo, that was fun. Now to do some actual writing.

BONUS ROUND: Do this same thing, only all five words must be ALLITERATION OH NOES