Friday, June 18, 2010

How good it feels to write 'The End.'

Ladies and jellybeans, reptiles and crocodiles, I stand before you and sit behind you to tell you something I know nothing about.

Or perhaps I am here to tell you that I have indeed finished my second book. Who knows which it is? It must be one of nature's greatest mysteries!

All right, so I'm a little loopy from having stayed up until four this morning writing and sending the book to the publisher, then getting woken up by one of my professors from the college calling me about an hour and a half before I meant to wake up. But the fact remains that I am done with the initial writing, and will soon move on to the whole editing thing again. The tentative release date for my next book is with the batch MLP releases in April 2011. So it will be just less than a year until the second book is in print.

No reason not to start the next one in the meantime, I suppose... but now there's not as much pressure from various sources. Except possibly from my friend Avery, who has set an artificial due date of next Thursday for my next book. Hmm... Can I write 100,000 words or so in six days? Not very likely, good sir. Try again when I'm even more sleep-deprived. I might be insane enough to go for it at that point, but I could not vouch for the quality of the writing.

So, now I'm off to work, footloose and fancy free, to use the cliché. I also have to get one of my professors a copy of the background check I got for work at Gritman so I can watch a couple of teenagers over the weekend for some sort of conference or something. Shouldn't be too difficult, and I get some food money for it, so woo!

On a completely unrelated note, Monsters vs. Aliens is not only cute, but the character of Galaxar the alien and his clones just remind me so much of a Villain and his Minions that I was rolling on the ground laughing as I was watching it. I then had to dust off my back. Apparently I haven't swept upstairs in a while. I live in the basement, so it's out of sight, out of mind, as they say. They, who is in fact, my uncle Tim. I was so impressed with the movie that I went out an bought a bit of the soundtrack, and made a ringtone out of the song Dr. Cockroach was dancing to to hack the security system on the ship. It's a terrible song, but the one bit of it he was dancing to was so very catchy!

And on the subject of Villainy/mad science, I heartily recommend the web comic "Girl Genius" for those of you who just can't get enough awesome steampunk and mad science. If you ever wanted to see giant walking battle platforms, lightning control generators, hilarious lovable scary monster soldiers, and a love triangle that would make even Lydia Weatherblade's head spin, check it out. It's got a decent amount in the archives too, so even if you're very bored, you're not burning through it in just one day.

That is all. You may now go about your daily business. And buy my book in April!

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