Monday, June 7, 2010

Treading the path long and weary

At the end of this day, three days of glorious freedom await me. Well, freedom from everything but writing, that is. I have yet to make any progress today on the writing front, but my intent is to write 1,455 words tonight at the very least to round out to a nice even 92,000 words.

I'm trying to get an idea in my head as far as title is concerned, and I've only come up with "Hero in Hiding." It isn't very good, but I want to stick with my same "Hero Something" scheme I started with the first book. I'm open to suggestions, but my publisher has the final say, really. I'd welcome other input.

On a somewhat related note, there's an awesome conference going on in Oregon... somewhere. It's the Oregon Christian Fiction Writer's Conference: Journey in the Write Direction. Its title is a pun worthy of myself, and my publisher, Jeff Gerke of Marcher Lord Press, is going to be a keynote speaker there. That means I actually get to meet the guy for the first time, in person. Whee! Now to scrape up the four hundred dollars to pay for it...

So I was also thinking about Heroic Emblems. You know, the ones on the Tokens of Summoning, or emblazoned on armor? I was thinking of a ranking scheme for Heroes, based on their strength and stature in the Guild. Something like Apprentice > Hero > Champion > Defender > etc... I'm not sure. There's be specialized rankings such as Guild Messenger, too, I'm just not sure what to do with them. Ideas?

Well, this was a fun lunch break. Well, dinner break. Time to get back to work so I can earn money to pay rent to stay warm and dry while I write. Toodles!

Thought for the day: Is an envelope called an envelope because it envelops?

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